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Cancellation and Changes

Catering orders can only be cancelled 24 HOURS BEFORE the delivery time. If the customer would like to change the order, it must be done 24 HOURS BEFORE the delivery time. All catering orders placed within 24 hours cannot be cancelled and the customer will be charged. Individual orders can be cancelled or changed 1 HOUR BEFORE the delivery time.

If the customer wants to cancel the order, Essen must be contacted with the order number to cancel the order. You CANNOT cancel orders via EMAIL or FAX. Any individual orders placed for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY cannot be cancelled. This cancellation policy applies for both credit card and corporate credit orders. Orders are firm upon receipt of the order form by Essen. Essen declines any responsibility in case of mistakes or omissions on the order form by the client. In case of order cancellation, whether partial or total, thw client will be charged for all work done and expenses incurred by Essen.


Food prices on the menu can be changed at any time by Essen. Only those prices which are specified on the price list by Essen's website shall be binding on Essen.

Delivery & Minimum Order Amount

For individual orders, the minumum order amount is $10.00 per order. For catering orders, the minimum order is 6 guests' orders.

  • Min. Order Amount: $10.00
  • Delivery Methods: Free Delivery or Pickup

  • Min. Order Amount: 6 Guests' orders
  • Delivery Methods: Delivery or Pickup
  • Must be ordered 3 days in advance. These orders, we do not charge DELIVERY FEE. However, for the Same Order, we charge DELIVERY FEE. For the delivery charge, go to SPECIAL ORDERS page.


If the customer is not satisfied for any reason, the customer may bring back the food to Essen store for a full refund. We will ask the customer for the reasons for return so that we may provide better service.

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